Media objects class MediaObject (**kwargs) protocols – depreciated platforms – depreciated bitrate aspect_ratio audio_channels 2 = stereo, 6 = 5.1 audio_codec video_codec video_resolution container video_frame_rate duration width height protocol optimized_for_streaming

Plex Media Objects

Contants CACHE_1MINUTE = 60 CACHE_1HOUR = 3600 CACHE_1DAY = 86400 CACHE_1WEEK = 604800 CACHE_1MONTH = 2592000   ClientPlatforms ClientPlatform.MacOSX ClientPlatform.Linux ClientPlatform.Windows ClientPlatform.iOS ClientPlatform.Android ClientPlatform.LGTV ClientPlatform.Roku Protocols Protocol.DASH Protocol.HTTP Protocol.HLS Protocol.RTMP Protocols (Old) Protocol.Shoutcast Protocol.WebKit Protocol.HTTPStreamingVideo Protocol.HTTPStreamingVideo720p Protocol.HTTPMP4Video Protocol.HTTPMP4Video720p Protocol.HTTPVideo Protocol.HTTPMP4Streaming AudioCodecs AudioCodec.AAC AudioCodec.DCA AudioCodec.MP3 AudioCodec.WMA AudioCodec.WMAP AudioCodec.VORBIS AudioCodec.FLAC VideoCodecs VideoCodec.H263 […]

Plex Framework: Constants

My Dell XPS M1210 is still alive and it is will 8 years old soon. It is on its 3rd battery. Swapped in an SSD. Brief Specs: CPU: Ghz Intel Core2 Duo T7200 RAM: 4GB DDR SDRAM GPU: GeForce Go 7400 Camera: Integrated Logitech Camera Storage: Upgraded to 120GB SSD […]

Dell XPS M1210 + Windows 10

Alps 10.1207.101.109, A03 – 08 Dec 2015 – Windows 7/8/8.1/10 32/64-bit Cypress, A00 – 28 Jul 2015 – Windows 10 32/64-bit, A06 – 03 Apr 2014 – Windows 8/8.1 64-bit Synaptics, A00 – 23 Jul 2015 – Windows 10 32/64-bit, A00 – 02 May 2014 – Windows […]

Dell Touchpad Drivers

Dad’s Past PCs – Retired 1992? – AMD 386 (Acer Power 386SX?) 1997? – Intel Pentium MMX 233Mhz (Packard Bell) 1999? – First DIY PC – Retired CPU: Intel Celeron 433Mhz (Socket 370 + Adapter) RAM: 128MB? RAM Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-6VXE+ (VIA Apollo Pro, Slot 1) GPU: Nvidia RIVA TNT2 AGP 4x […]

PC History

Plex is one of my favorite Media Server & Client software. I have been actively using it and I highly recommend it for organizing your media files. Plex Media Server is running 24/7 on my desktop computer, and contents are streamed to my TV via Roku, to my Android phone […]


To host a Virtual Router / Access Point with your PC, you need a compatible Wireless Adapter that supports Hosted Network.   Requirement: Windows 7 or later Wireless Network adapter with HostedNetwork support.   Check for hosted network support by running this in Command Prompt: netsh wlan show drivers If […]

Virtual Router / Wireless Hotspot using your PC

'Initialize DDE channelNumber = Application.DDEInitiate("RSLinx", "SomeTopicName") 'Read from PLC5 readValue = DDERequest(channelNumber, "N20:1") 'Read from ControlLogix readValue = DDERequest(channelNumber, "ControlLogixTag[1]") 'Write to PLC Set rangeToPoke = Worksheet("Sheet1").Range("A1") 'Write to PLC5 Application.DDEPoke channelNumber, "N20:2", rangeToPoke 'Write to ControlLogix Application.DDEPoke channelNumber, "ControlLogixTag[1]", rangeToPoke 'End DDE Application.DDETerminate channelNumber

Excel VBA: RsLinx DDE example

Use Application.Version property to find out the version of Microsoft Excel. Useful to check for Microsoft Excel version to test the number of rows. Example Syntax: MsgBox (Application.Version) Version Number: 15.0 – 2013 14.0 – 2010 12.0 – 2007 11.0 – 2003

Excel VBA: Excel Version

Known Names & Versions Intellution FIX32 v6.15 Intellution FIX32 v7.0 Intellution iFix 2.21 Intellution iFix 2.5/2.6 Intellution iFix 3.0 GE FANUC iFix 3.5 GE FANUC iFix 4.5 GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy HMI/SCADA iFix 5.0 GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy HMI/SCADA iFix 5.1 GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy HMI/SCADA iFix 5.5 External Links: Supported Operating Systems for FIX32 and iFIX